HL7 Insight

HL7 Insight is a tool that provides insight into HL7 2.X messages allowing you to quickly and easily view detailed HL7 message content information.  Summary of features:

  • Load an HL7 message, point the mouse at segments and fields of interest, and receive instant tooltip feedback, including: segment ID, field number, field length, optionality, and detailed data type information; 
  • Supports HL7 2.X versions up to and including version 2.5;
  • Supports HL7 message “batches” (note: the BSH and FSH segments are not currently supported and must be excluded from the batch before displaying in HL7 Insight);
  • Colorizes the HL7 message text;

Download: HL7 Insight Beta 1.1

Screen shots:
HL7 Insight Screen Shot 1

HL7 Insight Screen Shot 1

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