Ever since I bought my first Apple II and played around with the 6502 instruction set I’ve been interested in computers and software.  Obviously, having experience with the Apple II is a good measure of how long I’ve been working with computers.

My career travels through the IT space have landed me in several industries using many technologies to deliver business solutions for clients and employers.  Using both Unix and Windows platforms I have successfully architected, designed, developed, deployed, and managed IT solutions for industries such as local government, investment banking, healthcare, etc.  I’ve employed a myriad of languages, tools, utilities, and processes. COBOL and VMS are in my past. The solid, capable, and secure VAX/VMS platform was a pleasure. I’ve delivered solutions using both Java and .NET, I’ve had both the misfortune of dealing with the Waterfall methodology and the pleasure of working on and leading Agile projects, and I’ve assumed various IT roles, including Director of Engineering, Technical Architect, Team Lead, Senior Developer, etc.

In early 2004 I returned to Vancouver from London, England, after a 10 year stint; a fantastic time.  I worked as a Senior Technical Architect and Team Leader for investment banks in the City of London, delivering IT solutions for the middle office and back office areas.  During my foray into investment banking IT, the banks became enamoured with Java and Solaris and so I became involved with architecture and leadership using those technologies. C++ and Windows were also involved in the mix, and so were many other technologies and tools.  The application space encompassed, among other things, asset backed securities, interest rate derivatives, collateral management, and trade confirmation document management for OTC (over the counter) and credit derivatives.

Over the years, as I’ve witnessed and experienced many mismanaged and dysfunctional technology teams, I’ve developed a passion around building and maintaining high performance, highly motivated, technology teams in a culture of trust, respect, and great communication.

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