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  1. Henrik Andersson
    Henrik Andersson at | | Reply

    I use the property TrimDuplicatesOnProperty = “Path” to avoid this situation. I get the same result-set back if I run with TrimDuplicates with either true or false. I don´t know if it´s available in your scenario as I run this with code.

  2. Jasper Oosterveld
    Jasper Oosterveld at | | Reply

    Thank you so much for this post. I stumbled upon the same issue, spent hours trying to resolve it. Very strange and annoying this isn’t an option in the web part.


    Office 365 MVP

  3. Robert Williams
    Robert Williams at | | Reply

    Can someone please elaborate on where to add the TrimDuplicatesOnProperty = “Path” please? I have done everything I can to try to get all my search results returning. I have 35 pages in the pages library but Search will only ever return 27. I have exported the webpart and changed the TrimDuplicates property of DataProviderJSON and re-imported again. Have also modified the settings of the ResultSource query builder to allow duplicates.

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