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    STARKEY at | | Reply

    Thank you for this excellent blog post.

    Do you think we can implement the same techniques in SharePoint 201 especially the one you used for displaying Announcement lists data?

    Would it also be possible if you can share the whole code for the one displaying the Announcement list data including the pop up modal feature?


    STARKEY at | | Reply

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your prompt response on this. I got your file, which was very nice of you.
    For now what I was trying to do was create the Announcement view. I put together your code and created the associated html elements right on the same page. Saved it as .js file and later uploaded it to my SharePoint 2010 SiteAssets library. I then inserted a content editor web part and reference the uploaded java script file. Unfortunately it seems to be not working. I wonder what approach you used to make it work?


    STARKEY at | | Reply

    Thank you so much Steve.

    My SharePoint 2010 Announcement web part, which uses REST API/Knockout JS framework, works like a charm.

    Once again thank you for your help on this. You rock!!!

  4. Kamal Atmeh
    Kamal Atmeh at | | Reply

    This is amazing Steve,, i was searching for something like that for long time.. can you email me all the files used please and if there are more description would be much appreciated.

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