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  1. chris green
    chris green at | | Reply

    Thanks for this post! Worked like a charm. I was having the same issue using a test account and I couldn’t figure out why the document kept coming up blank.

    Thanks again!

  2. Anne
    Anne at | | Reply

    I am having exactly same problem as you described in your post, I checked user profile, it has the Work e-mail info set, so what’s the next step I need to check to fix the problem? Thanks.

  3. Erick
    Erick at | | Reply

    My problem persist. The user have a AD and profile email set. But still the document don’t open. Maybe I need to restart the sharepoint server or AD server? Thanks in advance.

  4. Paul - Sacto
    Paul - Sacto at | | Reply

    Wow I have searched for a reason why my IRM was not working and here I come across this lovely site that with one screen shot the answer was given. Thank you so much!!

  5. Simon Juul Larsen
    Simon Juul Larsen at | | Reply

    Furthermore, the user accessing the Library must also have sufficient permissions on his workstation. For example; a “default” test user got an error of “Could not open “. Upgrading him to a Local Administrator made it work just fine.

    This is my findings, just thought I would share. 🙂

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