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  1. Sean Wallbridge
    Sean Wallbridge at | | Reply

    Wierd. I haven’t come across that specifically but have seen similar behaviour in 2 other environments recently caused by DHCP. I blogged about it here: http://blog.brainlitter.com/archive/2009/04/19/strange-windows-dhcp-server-issue-%E2%80%93-router-option-003-goes-missing-on-service-restartreboot.aspx

    Maybe related?

  2. Bernard Macias
    Bernard Macias at | | Reply

    This a is weird issue, I am glad I am not the only person experiencing this. You can also resolve this issue using ‘netsh interface ip set address name=”Local Area Connection” static ‘

  3. barry
    barry at | | Reply

    Thank you , Thank you!! 🙂

    This happened to me and I almost put my head through my monitor.I was simply trying to activate my server. But I needed to get to another subnet where our internet lives. I am new to server 2008, so after I went throught learning about
    1)enabling ICMP(to ping the DNS server in another subnet),
    2)firewall settings,
    3) “network location awareness”
    4)And my network card would check out fine. Proper subnet mask, gateway, and IP, to match the VLAN i was on.

    I still couldnt Ping any computers in the other subnet although I could ping my gateway.
    I did notice the above my gateway,after running an IPconfig, but I wasnt totally convinced it was a problem because my Print Route command was giving me normal results.

    I believe it has to do with changing static IP’s on server 2008 , under specific conditions. I plan to re-create this problem.

  4. Brian
    Brian at | | Reply

    Experienced this on win7 64 bit version before and now win8 too.

    TIP – Step 3 I did ipconfig/ renew over rdp and it dhcp renewed with proper gateway.

    Let the diagnostic tool take a look and it suggested I disable 1 of 2 adpters although only one exists

  5. Dan
    Dan at | | Reply

    Cheers Steve, that did the job.

  6. mohsen
    mohsen at | | Reply

    i experienced the same problem too, and it was a while after i added dhcp role to my server 2008R2.

  7. Lelala
    Lelala at | | Reply

    Funny is, this problem came up when i switched the router of our ISP.
    Damn, really tricky.
    Fortunately, i have more than one system at home so i could google for the solution while trying to fix it on the broken machine.

    in other threads, they said this happened due usage of Adobes Bonjour, but since i do not have installed any adobe crap, i had to look for a real solution…

  8. Rich
    Rich at | | Reply

    Thanks for posting.. helped me out alot!

  9. Ben
    Ben at | | Reply

    Thanks, this worked for me!

  10. Rocky
    Rocky at | | Reply

    Just had this happen to me on a virtual Windows 2012 R2 box. Your fix worked! Question is, why did it happen????

  11. Lewis
    Lewis at | | Reply

    This can also happen if you’re using Bonjour Service, in which case you can fix by uninstalling.

  12. Robert
    Robert at | | Reply

    Steve, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I SCOURED THE INTERNET FOR 2 HOURS TRYING TO TRACK DOWN THIS CRAZY OBSCURE ISSUE. Was configuring DNS server and was unable to resolve, and i was just vexed but then when i saw the i assumed this must be the culprit. And yea it was.

    FRANCISCO at | | Reply

    i have a Windows server DC replicating DNS and DHCP but it is locate ni another network segment the comunication happens thru a router but months ago started to send alerts such as ” server unavailable” i have a powershell scritp running from my segment where the main domain controller is running the funny is what in that segment there are 2 domain controllers dc1 and dc2 o connect thru remote desktop to dc2 and get Access to dc1.

    it´s very weird that only DC1 is missing the Gateway in my case is the router i ping to and does not respond, i run tracer mydc1 and show me a lot of unsuccesfull jumps.

    can anybody give me an idea whats is going woring here?

    i run :
    ipconfig /flushdns
    netsh WinSock reset
    route print : show me the correcto routes

    please any idea to review.

    thanks in advance

  14. anon
    anon at | | Reply

    Setting up pfsense! After it worked ONCE, all other attempts seemed not to be routing. Reset to factory … tried alternate configs … re-upped firmware … flashed bios …

    I did see the GW in the Ipconfig… but figured pfsense was giving it in the DHCP … so I spent ages looking for some setting that might cause it.

    But no, windows was just hanging onto junk.

    After just over 48 hours of hell I found this, did what you suggested, and… \o/ Yay

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