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  1. Monty Hamilton
    Monty Hamilton at | | Reply

    thanks for your post. I’ve took over the CEO role in January for Rural Sourcing and am intending to grow our enterprise to 3,000 consultants across 30 or so development centers in the US. Recent events, unmet expectations with offshore model, and the pressing need to create jobs in the US are great drivers for this model at this time.

  2. John Oborn
    John Oborn at | | Reply

    Like Steve, I find the rural sourcing model fascinating and compelling. I guess I am concerned by the lack of press (at least for the past 3 – 4 years) by any of the players. Very little in the way of published case studies, testimonials, etc.. Rural Sourcing does have a couple of customer comments on their site, but it would be great to see either in the tech press, blogs, vendor web sites, etc. something that presents a compelling argument why I or anyone would consider this model over traditional off shoring.

    What is the current market share of the applications development and support of the rural sourcing options vs. traditional off shore models? What has been the growth in terms of revenue and market share say over the past 5 years?

    A lot of questions I know, but the absence of current coverage of this model (even in SourcingMag.com) speaks pretty loud.

  3. Caleb Jenkins | Developing UX » Microsoft Training in Dallas

    […] MVP’s in DFW area work here, we’re a Microsoft Gold Partner in multiple competencies, our Rural Sourcing offering has been making waves, even our marketing team and java guys have been making news […]

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