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  1. Jim Bowyer
    Jim Bowyer at | | Reply

    cool tool! 🙂 Steve, great job, its already saved my eyes as I try scanning through problem HL7 messages!

  2. Farhan Ahmad
    Farhan Ahmad at | | Reply

    Hi Steve,

    This is a very cool tool. Here are some suggestions:

    1. One option that I think would be good to have is the ability to word wrap in the rich text box.
    2. Plus the other option that would be great to have would be to not require the MSH segment and default the HL7 version to either the latest or ask the user for one. There are times when I only want to look at one segment and creating/getting the MSH segment becomes a minor pain.

    Thanks a lot for the great work!


  3. Paul McHenry
    Paul McHenry at | | Reply

    Very cool tool!

  4. Ankush
    Ankush at | | Reply

    Hi Steve

    Great work!

    I found very useful to understand data field content. It has saved lot of searching and simplified.

    With best wishes

  5. Chuck Boyd
    Chuck Boyd at | | Reply

    This is a life (eye) saver. Absolutely great tool. THANK YOU

  6. Clive Collins
    Clive Collins at | | Reply

    Great tool for debugging messages!! no more counting pipe delimiters in message segments 😉

  7. Trevor Brown
    Trevor Brown at | | Reply

    This comes in very handy when working with HL7 messages! Is the software open source? I would be interested in learning how it works.

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